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Derby Eyes Eye Surgery Derby

Long-Sighted / Hyperopia

Long sight, clinically referred to as Hyperopia, is when objects close up appear blurred or when close work is possible but becomes uncomfortable due to eyestrain and fatigue after a period of time. From time to time headaches may also occur. However, distant objects such as road signs are perfectly clear.

Often, people can overcome this blurred effect when looking at near objects by over exerting the muscles within the eye to achieve a clearer focus. Of course with time, this tires the visual system and the eyestrain and headaches will arise.

Hyperopia is caused by a variation in the shape of the eyes - namely the eye being too short from front to back, or the power of either the cornea or lens being slightly weak. The result is a mismatch between the length of the eye and its focusing power. Therefore the light rays do not meet at the retina and images are not seen clearly.

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