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Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)/ Phakic lens implant

Where the patient’s refractive error exceeds the range of the laser (usually considered to be up to +5.00D of long-sight and up to -10.00D of myopia) it is possible to perform surgery actually within the human eye to alter its focusing power. Instead of using the laser to change the curvature of the cornea, the natural human lens can be replaced with a lens implant of the correct power to eliminate the refractive error. More recently it has become possible to insert an extra lens (a phakic lens implant) in addition to the normal lens.

Changing the lens completely is very similar to modern cataract surgery and is therefore a procedure that most consultant ophthalmic surgeons are very practised in performing. The lens is removed via a small (3mm) incision using a high frequency ultrasonic probe (phakoemulsification) and the new acrylic lens implant is inserted through the same small incision.

No stitches are required normally and visual recovery is rapid. One of the disadvantages of lens replacement surgery is the need for reading spectacles. It is, therefore, reserved for patients with high prescriptions who are over 40 and who already need extra spectacles for reading. Inserting a phakic lens implant attempts to avoid this problem since the natural lens remains intact and is able to accommodate (read up close) as before. This latter technique is a much more recent development however and is still undergoing evaluation.

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