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presbyopic options

As we get older, the lens inside the eye loses its elasticity making it hard to focus on near objects. This is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is age-related and usually happens around 40-45. This condition will occur for everyone. When presbyopia sets in, reading glasses are usually required for objects and activities that involve your up-close vision. There are numerous optical options for correcting presbyopia such as bifocals, progressive lenses, reading glasses, mutlifocal contact lenses, monovision contact lenses. Excellent surgical options are also available including monovision with LASIK or conventional intraocular implants and the more advanced multifocal IOLs.

If you would like to have greater independence from glasses and contacts, then monovision or refractive lens exchange may be the best option for you. Refractive lens exchange replaces the eyes natural lens with an artificial lens to reduce the overall prescription and improve the range and focus of vision. It is basically cataract surgery done for a refractive purpose even when no cataract is present.

Presbyopia-correcting IOLs

I use the AcrySof® ReSTOR® lens and the LENTIS Mplus lens.

AcrySof® ReSTOR® lens

The AcrySof ReSTOR implant provides excellent distance and near vision. It is perfect for those desiring maximum close vision for reading and detailed near work. Clinical studies have shown that 86% of patients with the ReSTOR lens were spectacle free and 94% of patients said they would have the lens again.

Lentis Mplus Lens

Based on the refractive principle the LENTIS Mplus IOL has an sector shaped near vision segment characterised by seamless transitions between the near and far vision zones. The LENTIS Mplus lens is claimed to result in high-contrast sensitivity, minimal halos and glare, as well as excellent near, intermediate and far vision.The LENTIS Mplus is pupil independent, offers +3 dpt addition and minimal loss of light

In order to find out if a presbyopia-correcting lens is right for you, a detailed eye exam is needed.

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