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Barry Phillips - July 2015Barry Phillips

BARRY Phillips faced going blind twice but pioneering corneal transplants and a double cataract operation saved his sight. Twenty years ago, the 61-year-old needed donor corneas to stop him
from going blind. And last year, the retired production manager from Heanor, received state-of-art silicone lenses to fix his failing and foggy vision caused by cataracts.
"Without these two operations at the Royal Derby I would be using a white stick today," said Barry, who lives on Windsor Close. "I would be blind – unable to drive and probably unable to work.
"Twice I've had my eye sight restored and I can see brilliantly well now. My vision was foggy and now it is not. "I can see everything. I can see the ball when I play golf and I can see the
float in the water when I go fishing. "Way back, before my corneal transplants, I could only see black and white. And trying to do anything close up was impossible. "After my most recent operation,
having my cataracts removed, I could see the drops of water on my skin when I was in the shower." Barry is singing the praises of consultant ophthalmologist Maghizh
Anandan at the Royal Derby Hospital. He says he is a "miracle worker". - Read the fully story here


Sue Oldbury - September 2013

Sue Oldbury - Helped by Derby EyesA MUM has been “given her life back” after a pioneering double cornea transplant saved her sight. Sue Oldbury’s vision was failing fast after she was diagnosed with Fuchs’ dystrophy – a degenerative condition that affects older people. But a surgeon at the Royal Derby Hospital saved the 62- year- old ’s eyesight by replacing her damaged corneas with corneas from two unknown donors. Advances in technology mean that cornea transplants – from which it used to take up to two years to recover – can now be performed in only 45 minutes and the patient remains awake throughout. Sue, from Mickleover, underwent two procedures – one on each eye. She said: “After the operations, I felt so overwhelmed. I felt like someone had given me my life back.” And surgeon Maghizh Anandan, who performed the operation, said: “This surgery can be truly life-changing. “Increased public awareness around organ and tissue donation has helped people understand how they can save and improve the lives of others after their death.” - Read the full story here

Ivor Arthur Broadis - July 2013

Sue Oldbury - Helped by Derby Eyes"Life changing certainly, when I consider the results of the operation under local anaesthesia to remove a cataract and implant a lens in my eye, in the care of Mr Anandan and his team.

With the first eye drops any apprehension I might have felt lifted. The warmth of their welcome perhaps, was responsible. Although they told me exactly what they were doing , there was a bit of banter,humour and I didn't so much feel like a patient-as one of the group. Two hours after I arrived I was being driven home, even stopping to shop at Sainsbury on the way. The improvement in my sight is remarkable.

A veil has been lifted...' At my age I wont last 90 minutes but with his team's help I might make the sub's bench"

Ivor is a former England international footballer and striker. Ivor Broadis earned 14 caps for the England national football team, scoring 8 goals.Broadis' clubs were Carlisle United, Sunderland, Manchester City, Newcastle United and Queen of the South. You can find out more about him and his career at -

Ann Hamp-Gopsill

Ann Hamp-Gopsill


Read the story here - Article from Burton Mail July 2013


Joan Clark - November 2012 - I Can Drive Again !

Joan Clarke

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WALTER Jennings can read to his grandson again.
Walter Jennings

March 24th 2012 - Derby Telegraph

And the 66-year-old, from Ashbourne, is immensely grateful to the people who donated their corneas to make it possible.

"It's a very brave thing to agree to give your eyes away after your death," said Walter, fighting back tears.

"I can't thank the people enough for what they have done for me. I've been given a second chance at life and I will be eternally grateful. This transplant means the world to me.".... more (text copy)

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