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Understanding your prescription

A prescription usually consists of three (sometimes four) numbers that look like this:
-2.00/-1.00 x 90 ('+2.00 add')

The first number
The higher this number is, the worse your unaided vision. If it's negative (e.g. -2.00) you are short sighted, while a positive number (e.g. +2.00) indicates long-sightedness.

The second number
This number indicates the amount of distortion caused by astigmatism (a defect that causes blurred vision).  It can have a - or a + in-front of it. The higher this number is, the greater the distortion. If you don't have this second number, then you do not have astigmatism.
The third number
This number is the angle that your lens is rotated to in order to reduce the distortion caused by astigmatism. 

A fourth number
Sometimes, there will be an additional number. This indicates Presbyopia, or ageing eyes. It represents an additional lens to help with reading.
Now you know if you are long-sighted, short-sighted, have astigmatism or presbyopia -  you can see if laser eye surgery is an option for you by clicking on the links below.

Short-sighted/ Myopia

Long-sighted/ Hyperopia


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