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Premium Intraocular Lenses

Today there is a wide variety of premium IOLs to choose from. The best intraocular lens for you depends on many factors, including your lifestyle and your specific visual needs.

Monofocal lenses are used to restore vision for one area of focus. These lenses are usually used to restore distance vision. After having a monofocal lens implanted into your eye, you may still need glasses or bifocals after surgery.

The following is an overview of premium IOLs currently used by Mr Anandan. These lenses below are considered “premium” intraocular because they have advanced features beyond those found in basic single vision IOLs (Monofocal IOL) that are covered by NHS and health insurances. If suitable for you, it will increase the chance of you not needing glasses after surgery:

During your preoperative exam and consultation, Mr Anandan will help you choose the best IOL for your needs.

  • ‘Toric’ IOLs are premium intraocular lenses that correct astigmatism as well as nearsightedness or farsightedness. They can help restore crisp, clear distance vision for astigmatic cataract patients.
  • ‘Multifocal’ IOLs provide high-quality vision at multiple distances. This lens can correct your vision for distance, up close, and everything in between. With a multifocal lens, you can achieve enhanced vision at a distinct distance customized to suit your lifestyle. For many, Multifocal IOL’s are the right choice if you value having both improved distance and reading vision but do not mind some compromise in your distance vision.
  • ‘Toric multifocal’ IOLs combine the advantages of both these types of lenses.
  • EDoF IOLs enable clear vision ranging from far up to intermediate distances, like e.g. a computer monitor. For close-up activities such as reading fine print and precision work, patients treated with EDoF lenses may need to wear reading glasses. However, they will experience less visual disturbances at night, which are sometimes caused by bright light sources with multifocal IOLs.


Which is Best?

There is no single IOL that is “best” for every person. It all comes down to finding the best set of lenses to address your specific needs. Our surgeon Mr Anandan, will use the knowledge gained from performing thousands of lens replacement operations to advise you on the best cataract lenses to suit your lifestyle, and correct your vision problems.

If you’re a candidate for cataract surgery and have questions about which intraocular lens is right for you, contact Mr Anandan Secretary at 07900210191 to schedule an appointment.


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