Trifocal ‘Top-Up’ IOL

Trifocal (Top-Up) IOL

Patients who have already had cataract surgery with a monofocal IOL may need glasses for some distances. 

Many people who have an existing monofocal IOL have it set it for distance vision and use reading glasses for near activities.  Through a secondary procedure for historic cataract patients who require further visual enhancements, you can correct presbyopia with a supplementary IOL.

What is Trifocal Top Up IOL?

The Trifocal supplementary IOL is specifically designed for patients following the implantation of a primary monofocal or monofocal toric IOL.  The Trifocal supplementary IOL is designed to enhance near and intermediate vision and is positioned in front of the previously implanted IOL without needing to remove it.  This allows surgeons to treat an even wider range of patients for presbyopia, to meet both your visual and lifestyle needs.

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Benefits for you

Supplementary IOLs offer a safer, less traumatic option for enhancing your range of vision following cataract surgery with a monofocal/monofocal toric compared with the sometimes difficult removal and exchange of the previous IOL.

This gives you the opportunity to increase your independence from wearing glasses for the majority of everyday activities following previous cataract surgery.

Am I suitable?

You could benefit from having these lens implanted if you have a standard (NHS) monofocal IOL in one of your eyes and would like to enhance near and intermediate vision in that eye when contemplating cataract surgery in the second eye.

The Trifocal supplementary IOL works with any monofocal or monofocal toric primary IOL.

Book a consultation with one of our leading ophthalmic surgeon Mr M Anandan to determine whether Trifocal Top Up IOL could be right for you. He will run a detailed assessment to help you find the best course of treatment.

Your Journey

Your glasses prescription will be checked by our Optometrist and your eyes analysed with a series of thorough and comprehensive tests to check your suitability.

Mr Anandan will examine and then discuss your specific requirements in detail and will carry out the procedure and your checks at the follow-up appointments.

Your aftercare

You will be contacted the day after your procedure. A follow-up consultation will be arranged in the first few weeks after your surgery to check on your progress, assess the results of your procedure and provide expert aftercare. It is recommended that regular eye checks be attended following this surgery.


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