Why should you choose the Laser Vision centre, Nuffield Health Derby Hospital for your laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery with the safety of a Nuffield Hospital


The Nuffield Health Derby Hospital provides refractive surgery on a fee-paying basis.

Laser eye surgery is a rewarding and life-changing experience – but for many people, making the decision to undergo treatment can be a daunting and difficult choice to make. At Laser vision centre, Nuffield Health Derby Hospital, we are here to help you make this decision by informing, advising and supporting you whenever you need it.

During your consultation we will carry out a series of in-depth tests and examinations on your eyes, in order to check that you meet the criteria required. We will also talk you through the other options available, should you require another type of treatment.

Operated in Nuffield Health Derby Hospital, we offer laser eye surgery and other refractive eye treatments on a fee-paying basis, within a hospital-based, consultant-run practice.


An authentic relationship with an approachable surgeon

In a typical laser surgery clinic, patient time with the surgeon is minimal. A patient often does not come into contact with the surgeon until the day of surgery itself, and may not even know which surgeon will be performing their surgery.

The region’s corneal specialist – Consultant Ophthalmologist, Maghizh Anandan – will provide the highest quality treatments available, carries out all procedures using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment.

At the Laser Vision Centre, we value the relationship you have with your surgeon because we consider your safety and comfort to be our highest priority.

You will meet our laser eye surgeon, Mr. Maghizh Anandan himself before, during and after surgery and you will discuss your concerns and have your questions answered directly by him.

What this means for you is that there is no one between you and the surgeon. Our patients enjoy the reassurance that they have chosen the best surgeon for their needs. Our patients have a clear understanding of exactly what will happen before, during and after their vision correction procedure.

Bespoke Treatment

We only carry out bespoke treatments. We don’t have a range of options based on prescription or other non-clinical factors, and we don’t ask patients to choose from a ‘treatment menu’ on the basis of price. We believe it is our job as expert professionals to recommend what we consider to be the best treatment for you, and explain the reasons why. Our fees are fixed for that treatment and will not vary with prescription. Mr Anandan will personally design and carry out your bespoke treatment, and will examine you at your aftercare visit.

Well rounded and experienced hospital staff

The staff members at the Laser Vision Centre are cross-trained to work both in an NHS setting and directly with you, in the laser vision clinic set-up. This means our staff have built up a considerable and well rounded experience in examining and assessing eyes.

Because there are many options to correcting your vision, we have multiple solutions at hand. We are not bound to direct you to the only eye treatment solution offered by the vast majority of high street providers.

Very latest technology, right here in Derby…

At LVCND we use Carl Zeiss Laser Vision Correction portfolio which is one of the most comprehensive in the Laser surgery industry.

  • Broad refractive laser portfolio with PRK, LASIK and SMILE and Presbyond
  • Right solution for any eligible patient
  • Customized treatments
  • One platform for all major procedures

Simple fees

We offer a transparent and simple approach to pricing, regardless of your prescription. We ask our patients to consider one fee for the whole treatment with everything included. Mr Anandan will personally design and carry out your bespoke treatment, and will examine you at your aftercare visits.

Discuss your options with our team

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