Astigmatism is caused when the cornea or lens develops into an irregular shape. The cornea should have a regular curve, a bit like the shape of a football, but for people with astigmatism, the cornea’s curve is more like a rugby ball. This means the cornea can’t focus light rays properly and can cause blurry vision.

The majority of people with astigmatism are born with it, but it can also develop in later life, perhaps as the result of an eye injury or surgical complication.

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Astigmatism is treated through refractive laser eye surgery, such as ReLEx SMILE, LASIK, or corrective lenses.

In mild cases of astigmatism, treatment may not be necessary. But in more severe cases you could use glasses, contact lenses, or have laser eye surgery to correct your vision permanently.

The Laser is used to reshape the corneal surface and which reduces the irregularity in curvature and restores the vision. Whereas corrective lenses are specially fitted contact lenses that reshape the cornea. The type of treatment depends on your individual eye health.

If you have astigmatism and wearing glasses or contact lenses isn’t for you, laser eye surgery could be a great option. At LVCND, we offer SMILE, LASIK, LASEK, and lens implant eye surgery methods, all of which can be used to treat patients with astigmatism.

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